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Lucy Daniels

Where it all began...


It all started with a book.

A book which was massively instrumental in my becoming an illustrator.

'Faeries' by Brian Froud & Alan Lee.

I was about 10 years old at a book sale when my Dad bought it for me. I can still remember the feeling in my stomach as I turned each magical page. It was a whole lot more than a book to me…
In that moment, in a village hall in Dunster with my Dad by my side and that book in my hands, everything stopped for a moment. 

The penny dropped. 
These were adults. 
Grown men.
Drawing faeries.
For a living…
You could 'draw' for a living?!

My Dad & I spent hours with that book when we got home from our holiday - copying parts & making up our own too. I'm aged 10 again every time I open it.


I feel very lucky that my passion, to create, is my job - it never actually feels like work and I will never, ever tire of having a pencil in my hand or lose the magical feeling of having a brand new sketchbook to fill. 

If you think I could help you with a project, capture a special occasion, create a portrait of your pet, or would like a chat about anything I do, then I'd love to hear from you - Just get in touch!

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